that sanctuary for him to get away from it all and just be himself. The discovery of this powerful tool of 

expression led Mike to drop out of his business program at university and pursue a diploma in music at Centennial College. It also helped shape the direction of his debut EP “Changes”, released in December 2O16.

Using his real life trials and tribulations as his inspiration, his songs resonate with audiences of all ages. Continually writing about whatever he is going through at the time, Mike is often debuting new material at his live shows. The honesty that comes through in his songs helps create the unique sense of intimacy found at every show. In the past few years, Mike has been a finalist in several notable music contests, performed at some of Toronto’s top venues and has played at several Toronto area music festivals. 

Mike Philips is a singer/songwriter from Toronto. His lyrically honest, soulful songs are piano driven, offering a refreshing take on the often guitar focused singer/songwriter genre. Combining elements of pop, blues and folk, Mike has been able to craft out a unique, recognizable style.

Having gone through profound personal growth throughout his young adulthood which also comes with difficult internal struggle, Mike found that playing music was one of the few constants in his life. Reguardless of what he was going through, playing music was always